A photo here for every day of the year…

About the Photographer

My name is Briana R. Prince A.k.a. Bree. I live in sunny California, my most favorite place in the world to live! I thoroughly love taking photographs as you can probably gather from this blog. I almost always have a camera on me in some form or another [Cellphone, point and shoot, or DSLR]. I have a beautiful baby girl who was born in May 2010 and she is the main reason why I have been taking my photography to another level. I never use to enjoy taking photographs of people. I travel a lot, so the majority of the time it was scenery that I enjoyed shooting. But now I am learning the skills and techniques of other aspects of photography, and with this blog I hope to get out of my normal comfort zone!

Self Portrait in Golden Hour

How I started in photography:

I remember living in our old house in Downey, California and taking my father’s 35mm Minolta Camera and going to the park to take photographs. Next, it turned into shooting slide film for our family vacations and taking about 9 rolls of film and begging my parents to pay for all of them to be developed at once so that I could see what I had done. Went to the camera store to buy filters and play with those too! Disposable cameras were all the rage in middle school. I finally got a little point and shoot film camera. It eventually went on to bringing a camera to High School and all of our Band and Colorguard trips and documenting those incredible times.

Finally after 4 years of constant shooting, I graduated High School and decided to take out that old Minolta camera again and take a Black and White photo class at the local college in 2001. It was the most amazing experience. I was living on a boat at the time so my subjects were pretty damn cool. We got to develop the film in the darkroom and let me tell you what a new world that was to experience! So much experimenting… Unfortunately after that I took time off to work, and waste time other ways and the camera and I parted ways for a while.

It wasn’t until 2004 until I bought my FIRST digital point and shoot camera. You could do SOME customizing on it and I took it everywhere! I MEAN EVERYWHERE…. and a month later that is how I lost my very first digital camera. I HAD to bring it kayaking with me to take photos of my sailing crew and myself…. but it fell in the water when a wave came in and knocked me over! Woops. 😉 Devastated I spent my rent money to buy another camera because the withdrawal of not shooting pictures was killing me. My boyfriend at the time felt bad I had to buy another camera and bought me a waterproof case to go on it so I could then bring it in the water. So I guess it’s fair to say I was 100% addicted to documenting my life though a viewfinder at that point.

A few point and shoots gone by but the addiction was just not as satisfying anymore. I really wanted to start developing as a photographer and learning so much more than a little point and shoot could ever allow me to do. In 2008 I had a trip to Costa Rica planned. There was NO way I was going to go out of the country into the rain forrest and not come back with REAL photographs. It was time to upgrade to a D-SLR. That was when I bought my Canon EOS Xsi. I was in heaven and I now had the endless possibilities on my photographing. By 2009, I was enrolled into a photography class to better perfect my skills. I started finally learning everything I needed to know to produce better pictures. After the class I decided to take a month long trip around the National Parks in Utah, Arizona, and California. I went camping and stayed at all these different places and photographing everything that went on. It was such an amazing experience. I got back and enrolled into another photography class. They had a camping trip up to the Eastern Sierras and Yosemite for a week – so even though it was just 2 months after my last trip up there, I went back to photograph even more. Well, during the duration of the class I became pregnant with my daughter and had to quit the class…. but now my daughter is 4 months old and I am back enrolled into the course learning even more. I want to learn and I want to see growth in the next year but most of all I really want to document this next year and see where it takes me. I want to remember not only the words on paper, but all the silent words in a photograph too. Capture the day in one image.


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