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Blackberry Tour 9630

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December 18, 2010


I took this on my blackberry… took me a few times to get the right lighting and digital mac. Here are raindrops on my windshield.


Camera Used: Blackberry Tour 9630
Aperture: NA
Exposure: NA
ISO: NA White Balance: Cloudy
Focal Length: NA
Time Taken: 4:45 pm
Editing: None
Flash: None


Day 25

November 14, 2010

“Shop til you drop”

From a creative standpoint this picture doesn’t have any. However, I was trying to take a good exposure on my CAMERA phone with proper lighting and white balance. For the times something interesting does come up, and I do not have my P&S or my SLR, I want to be able to take a correct exposure on my camera phone. I hope I at least accomplished that here.

Shop til you drop

Camera Used: BlackBerry 9630
Aperture: Unknown
Exposure: Unknown
ISO: Unknown
Focal Length: Unknown
Time Taken: 1:40 pm
Editing: None
Flash: On Phone Camera Flash with Florescent Lighting Fixture