A photo here for every day of the year…

Theme of the Week…

Beginning today January 16, 2010 (since it’s a brand new week) I am going to come up with themes of the week sort of like guidelines to what I can shoot for the week. This will be beneficial for a few different reasons. #1 It will provide me with a variety of different ideas so I don’t get gridlocked each day with what to do #2 I don’t want the ideas to get monotonous #3 I want to challenge myself with shots I would not normally do. I don’t want to stay within my comfort zone.



January 16th – January 22nd

Life through a child’s eyes (my daughters eyes). At least two must be from outside the home.


January 23rd – January 29th

Self Portraits that reflect different personalities, expressions, & favorite activities. Only one black & white. Must all have different looks. Not the normal head shot. At least one full body.


January 30th – February 5th


February 6th – February 12th


February 13th – February 19th


February 20th – February 26th


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